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Speech Analytics

Automate the tutoring & testing of your student's oral skills. Our AI identifies areas of improvement to the syllable. Providing learners with instant personalized feedback and instructors with valuable analytics.

Increase learning outcomes

Increase oral tuition for students by 300%

According to The OECD, class sizes are 43% higher in Southeast Asia, and with the TESOL Quarterly reporting that less than 25% of class time is is spent on oral skills, its no wonder why teachers are overworked and students receive little to no individual feedback.

Save Time

Our AI language tutor and teaching assistant can save you a quarter of the class time. Allowing you to progress further.

Gain Insight

Understand the problem areas of your learners before you even enter the classroom, with detailed reports on student progress and speech patterns.


See Results

Speechsquare shows, to the syllable, where Students are not understood and provides detailed feedback, helping them to improve.

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Ask Dot.

Dot is an advanced AI teacher's assistant & Chatbot - There to help you write content in seconds

Ask Dot to write 4 sentences about sports in Spanish for preschoolers? How about a paragraph about the weather in German? No problem!

Dot is here to automate the work for you, allowing you to create useful speech assessments in no time at all.

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Reduce workload

Generate thousands of contextual interactions by subject, keyword or your own lesson plans in minutes

Speechsquare comes pre-loaded with thousands of assessment questions in 7 Languages.
You can also quickly upload and import content from your own lesson plans using a variety of document types.

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Gain Insights

Arm yourself with detailed and easy to understand reports on student speech

View and give feedback on auto-marked speech assessment reports from your dashboard.

Understand overall student confidence of the assessment or even individual sentences.

See problem areas for pronunciation of each word, down to the syllable for each student!

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