Curriculum Creation & Editing

Curriculum Creation & Editing

There are two ways of creating curriculum, either by using our AI generation tools or Uploading a csv.

Important: You curriculum is independent from Squares. Upon creating curriculum, it needs to be added to a Square before students can use it. This is so you can assign the same curriculum to different Squares.

AI Tools

To use our AI generation tools simply go to the Manage>Curriculum menu of your Dashboard and choose the + Curriculum option found at the top of the page. To edit existing curriculum simply click on the name of the curriculum listed on the page.

To get started you must first enter the Curriculum name, and choose the language to be used in the curriculum via the dropdown and optionally a detailed description for the student. After adding these details further options will become available to you. The two most important of these options are Level and + Interactions.

Levels are described in detail below. To add Interactions (The sentences you wish the student to practice), please continue to the next guide.

Uploading CSV

Uploading by CSV gives you a convenient option of building the entire curriculum in Excel, outside the platform. 

To this end, we have created a downloadable CSV builder, which can be found when choosing Upload from the Manage>Curriculum page.

Take a look at our video guide on how to get the best results when using the CSV builder.


Level as the name suggests is the difficulty you wish to set for the curriculum, the settings reflect the following:




Highest speech accuracy - interactions below a 99% spoken accuracy will be highlighted to Instructor.


Normal accuracy, allowing small errors - interactions below a 96% spoken accuracy will be highlighted to Instructor.


Compensates for accents and small mispronunciations - interactions below 93% spoken accuracy will be highlighted to Instructor.

Walk in the park

Only interactions below a 90% spoken accuracy will be highlighted to Instructor.

Getting the best accuracy

Even a piece of string between two tin-cans can transmit sound, but we all know the quality is very poor. The same goes with your microphone! To get the best results try do the following:

– Put the microphone at an appropriate distance

Practice in a relatively quiet environment

Speak with confidence!

October 2, 2022
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