Square Creation & Editing

Square Creation & Editing

Creating a new Square is super easy! Follow this quick guide which will show you how to, create your very first Square, the basics of setting up your content and more!

Think of Squares as your class, it groups students and allows you to teach curriculum. Curriculum, as the name suggests contains all of your generated content which is served to the student. This keeps curriculum independent and enables you to serve specific curriculum to certain groups of students.

How to Create a Square

From the Manage>Squares menu of your Dashboard press the + Square button to add a new square.

Type in a name for your square such as, ‘Mr. Ben’s Square’ or ‘Class 5 Homework’. You also have the option of adding a detailed description to give more context to students and even a custom image.

Now you can add sections & curriculum to the square. If you do not yet have any curriculum, Publish the square so you can add to it later.

To edit existing squares go to Manage>Squares and click on the square you wish to edit.


Sections act as dividers to help break up large amounts of curriculum and add context to students when learning. Sections are not required and do not provide any additional learning functionality.

October 2, 2022
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