Creating Users

Creating & Managing Users

Important: This guide is for the organization’s admin account holder, and shows you how to create users within your organization who can use Speechsquare. This does not add students to any Squares.

To add users to your Speechsquare account navigate to Admin>Users from your Dashboard sidebar. Any users already added to your account will be viewable here, and are filterable by using the dropdown at the top of the page.

Adding Users

Get started by clicking Add Users

Adding users can be done in two ways, individually or by uploading CSV

When adding individually, make sure to correctly select the role and mode before entering a suitable username and the email to be associated with the account.

To upload users by CSV, download the example CSV file and edit accordingly. Be sure to delete any example rows before uploading. Watch the video guide for more details.

Upon creation, users will receive a welcome email detailing the steps to activate their account.

User Roles

Admin: The person within your organization who created the first Speechsquare account. Admins can add and remove any user type and assign them to Instructors to manage. Admins can also act as an Instructor and Student.

Instructor: Instructors can create Squares and Curriculum to deliver to the Student. Instructors can only Manage users assigned to them by the Admin. Instructors can also act as a Student.

Student: Students interact with Instructor generated content and are given instant feedback and AI backed tutoring to improve their speech. Student results can be viewed in the form of reports by their respective Instructor.

Managing Users

On the same page, when you have added your users, you then have the option to delete them. For Students, simply confirming the deletion will be sufficient.

However, for Instructors, you will first need to assign any content to another Instructor, or to yourself. This ensures if there are any changes, any generated or managed content will remain.

October 2, 2022
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