Managing Students

Managing Students

Note: Only the Admin of your organization can create users. This guide shows Instructors how to manage the students assigned to them by the Admin.

So what can I do?

From the Manage>Squares menu of your Dashboard select Manage Students at the bottom of the square you wish to manage. You can now view current students assigned to the Square and their progress (Yourself included).

To the right of each student there are two options, reset and remove which resets the student progress and statistics within the square or removes them entirely. 

Add Students to square

You can add students to the square using the button below the list of current students. Upon selecting the option, you will see the list of available students assigned to you by your Admin. Selecting the appropriate student will add them to the Square, allowing them to start the square from the learn option in their dashboard sidebar.

If you do not see any students, contact the admin, if you are the admin, you will first have to create the users and assign them to the relevant instructor.

October 2, 2022
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