Student Results & Feedback

Student Results & Feedback

Student results are the finalized reports of the curriculum post-tuition, meaning the results shown to you are the best attempts made by the Student, after our AI has provided it’s personalized feedback and tutoring. Remember, Students have unlimited chances to improve with our AI tuition system before moving on to the next Interaction.

Results can be found by navigating to Manage> Curriculum from the Dashboard sidebar and clicking the ‘View Stats’ button of the curriculum the report is linked to.

From here, in the Statistics tab, you can view the curriculum leaderboard and pie chart which can be filtered by clicking on the various numbers in its key. The Statistics tab provides you with an overall performance of the curriculum by it’s students.

You can view individual Student results by navigating to the Results tab and clicking on the blue button with a document icon. You can also reset the curriculum for the student, which removes the result by clicking the button with two circular arrows.

Understanding the results & giving feedback

Incorrect attempts and any areas of improvement are highlighted in orange, making it easier to view learning opportunities. Greyed out results mean the Interactions were not attempted.

You can also send feedback via the messaging function at the bottom.

Important: If you or the student feel a result was given unfairly due to the AI analysis, feel free to send us the details so we can better train our AI model for future use.

October 2, 2022
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