User Groups

User Groups

Groups help assign users into manageable segments and ensures that Instructors only deliver content to Students within their purview.

To organize users in your Speechsquare account into Groups, navigate to Admin>Groups from your Dashboard sidebar. Any Groups already in your account will be viewable here.

If you do not have any Groups, get started by clicking Add Group and enter the desired name.

Adding Users to Groups

Upon adding a new Group you will see two buttons, + Instructors and + Students. As the names suggest, clicking these will allow you to add any available users into that Group.

To add the user, when hovering over their details an add button will appear, clicking this button will add them to the Group and leave any unadded users within the view.

Removing users can be done by hovering over the user and clicking the red remove button.

October 2, 2022
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