Learning with Squares

Learning with Squares

So what are Squares? Think of Squares as your class, it groups Students together and allows you to learn from the curriculum generated by your teacher. You can view all of your available Squares by clicking the microphone icon found in your Dashboard sidebar. 

Selecting a square will give you a brief introduction to the square and a view of your current progress. Begin learning by clicking the Start button, from which you will then see all available activities listed on the left, select an activity to get started.

After starting an activity you will see the sentences the Instructor wants you to practice. You can press the play button to hear it spoken aloud, and when pressing any audio button a second time the audio will play at x0.5 speed.

When you are ready to say the sentence yourself, press the Microphone button*, wait a moment and speak with confidence!

If what you said was correct you will automatically pass to the next sentence, if you have some areas of improvement, our AI tutor will highlight the areas you can work on. On such highlighted areas you can press the audio label and hear each part individually. Within the same area of the feedback, another play button will appear, which lets you listen back to your attempt.

If you give up, simply choose another sentence by clicking on it. But don’t worry, you have unlimited attempts to get it right! There are no time-limits and only your best attempt will be shared with the Instructor!

* If this is your first time using Speechsquare you will need to accept microphone permissions to continue. The microphone is only activated when you press the microphone button to speak a sentence.





Speak the sentence


Go to the next sentence / skip


Play the Audio

Getting the best experience

Even a piece of string between two tin-cans can transmit sound, but we all know the quality is very poor. The same goes with your microphone! To get the best results try do the following:

Put the microphone at an appropriate distance.

Practice in a quiet environment.

Speak with confidence!

October 2, 2022
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